Gamma Quintet

Gamma Quintet

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Gamma Marine Quintet Blister Pack 100g (outer qty 20)
N. japonica, A. franciscana, Krill pacifica, M. veneriformes, Seaweed Porphyra s

Marine Quintet. For marine.

  • The only food used by Tropical Marine Centre at its four fish-holding facilities.

  • Highest quality ingredients, rapidly packed, sealed & frozen.

  • Gamma irradiated. This completely eliminates any risk of introducing harmful          parasites or bacteria into your aquarium, and also means that the food is completely safe to store in your freezer.

  • 100% natural products and the wide variety available ensures that individual species of fish receive a balanced, varied and interesting diet.

  • Blister packs are designed to dispense one measured cube of food at a time, leaving the rest of the product sealed within their separate blisters. A quick and convenient way of feeding fish.

  • Colour-coded feeding suitability guide makes it easy to find the right food for your fish!