Strawberry Conch (Strombus Luhuanus)

Strawberry Conch (Strombus Luhuanus)

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Also known as Blood-mouthed Conch, Cone Shell, Orangelip Conch, Red-lipped Conch, Redmouth Conch, Red-mouthed Conch, Sand Conch Snail, Scorpion Conch, Spider Sea Shell, Strawberry-lipped Conch, Tiger Conch.

Found singly on rubble and sandy areas of lagoons, coral and rocky reefs rich in algae growth.
They feed on benthic algae.
Length - 5cm
Depth - 0-20m
Widespread Indo-West Pacific

Stomboids are a small group of sea snails, commonly found in tropical waters. Usually identified by their large stalked eyes. Their shells are often dull on the outside but can be bright inside, as in these photo's.
Stromboids are edible and in some areas are regarded as a delicacy